fine thanks

Opening 2nd February 2023- Late Night Art. 
Flax Project Space, Belfast Group exhibition
2nd - 12th February 2023
Hattie Godfrey, Charys Wilson, Husk Bennett & Katharine Paisley. 

' Join us at Flax Project Space for 'Fine Thanks’, opening between 6.00-9.00pm on Thursday 2nd February as part of Belfast’s Late-Night Art. Opening hours: 12-4pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until 11th February. On behalf of the Flax Art Studios Emerging Artists (FASE) programme we present the third in our new six month program in the North Street Project Space. ‘Fine Thanks’ showcases a collaborative video artwork by four of the FASE HUB artists. Featuring a blend of internet clips, including animal videos, Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, and renditions of Beethoven, ‘Fine Thanks’ invites you to step into the simultaneous comfort and chaos of living online. Somewhat surreal, somewhat stupid, what emerges is a dizzying digital collage. '