Flax Project Space, Belfast

Group exhibition.
19th - 28th January 2023


‘On behalf of the Flax Art Studios Emerging Artists (FASE) programme we present the second in our new six month program in the North Street Project Space. TIME featuring work by FASE artists Charlie Beare, Katharine Paisley, David Younglove, Zoe Meeks, Stephanie Tanney, John Connolly and Hattie Godfrey. Curated by Jennifer Alexander

TIME marks the start of the new year from the FASE HUB artists and we will have a list of events to follow.’

And you’ll’, photograph, audio and text, February 2023.
This piece, is the beginning of a body of work exploring grief, rural communities and small family farms. It signifies a large change within my practice as its the first time I’ve worked through a personal experience within my work.