PR1 Gallery, UCLan, Preston, February 2018
Group Show Exhibited in PR1 Gallery, Preston, February 2018, ‘THIS IS AN OUTRAAGGGEEE!!!!’ explored different ways in which themes of outrage could be presented through the means of art, from a variety of perspectives and in different mediums …. and yes, it was inspired by ‘The Mighty Boosh’.
Testing, Acrylic Paint on board, 2017.

Through my paintings, I explored and highlighted the theory of the Anthropocene* and the scientific evidence behind it, particularly relating to nuclear activity. The presence of nuclear isotopes is one of the clearest piece of geological evidence to prove that humans have altered the Earth. Nuclear isotopes that have entered the soil will be detectable 100,000 years from now.

*Our world is no longer a natural one, human activity has been so profound that it has changed the earth’s biology irreversibly and undeniably, transitioning us into a new epoch, the Anthropocene.