Live Art Ireland 

Micro-residency, November 2023

During my time on the mirco-residency, I created an artist intervation. At the time of the trip to Tipperary I was still thinking about loss, which was being echoed by the season. There was an avenue of beech trees at the back of the cottage I was staying in, which is where I spent most of my time. While I was walking through the avenue, the trees were all dropping leaves in large numbers. Loss, they were experiencing loss. I decided to retether the falling leaf to its tree. By capturing a falling leaf and sewing it back on to the tree it fell from I was stopping time, preventing the course of nature. I repeated this action throughout my stay. I hope to continue an investigation into ways to stop time.
‘How to stop time, part 1’, Live Art Ireland, November 2023.

I also performed ‘Holding Place, part 1’, within Sinead O’Donnell. Sinead was also thinking about grief and loss during her stay in Tipperary. The balloons were tied to the rusting metal love seat using the thread from ‘How to stop time, part 1’. The balloons remained after attached to the love seat after the performance. 

‘Holding Place, part 1’, Sinead O’Donnell & Katharine Paisley, November 2023.