Let’s talk about the Anthropocene 

University of Brighton’s Grand Parade Gallery, 2019

Group Show
The project

Research shows that 90% of the public are not engaging with the subject of climate change, still less the wider issues of the Anthropocene. A new geological epoch named the Anthropocene is being considered because scientists now have evidence that humankind has become a geological force impacting all the world’s systems: the biosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and geosphere. This project is intended to encourage dialogue with visitors using art created by resident artists and also that selected through an open call.

The exhibition

Work selected from the open call will be shown alongside established invited artists, in an exhibition at the University of Brighton Grand Parade gallery, during the week from 27th July to 2nd August. During this time there will also be events and opportunities for visitors to talk to 8 resident artists. The aim is to foster conversations and public engagement with this important subject both within the local community and further afield. Selected work will also be shown on social media and this website. One important topic within our conversation will be that of environmental justice and as such we particularly encourage applications from artists who identify as people of colour.