In Orbit

Catalyst Arts Members Show 2019

18th April – 9th May 2019

‘In a constant state of flux, let us see practice as  process. In orbit we accentuate the transient, the never ending and the non-conclusive . Pushing towards a point of collapse we can capture the avenues of the in between. Now in its 26th year, Catalyst Arts is sought works for our annual members’ exhibition to welcome this new era of making and creating.

Thanks to; Gerard Carson, John Wait, Grace McMurray, Aimee Nelson, Robin Jones, Fiona Jiandani, Lisa Malone, Aimee Magee, Harry Walsh Foreman, Jonathan Brennan, Kari-Anne Proctor, Angela Molloy, Patrick Hickey, John Macormac, Susan Huges, Breda Stacey, Brid Flood, Katharine Paisley, Seamus Harahan, Jane Walker, Eugenia Cuellar, Brida Lynch and Elaine Leader.’- Catalyst Arts