Here’s Me Here

Flax Project Space, Belfast Group Show
3 - 6 February 2022

‘Here’s Me Here’ is a collection of objects and things that represent and inform the practice of the Flax Emerging Artists. Each artist has picked one thing that either heavily influences or represents their work. The things in this space mirror the diversity of the studio spaces next door and provide an introduction to each artist.
The video piece at the back of the space provides a sneak peak into 7 North Street and the activity going on inside. Each individual artist has provided a glimpse of the space they and their practice inhabits.
Flax Art Studios Emerging Artist Programme is a satellite project of 34 recent graduate and emerging artists occupying 7 North St, Belfast. To coincide with this programme Flax opened a project space on the ground floor, providing opportunities for the artists involved to curate and programme their own exhibitions and events. This is the first event curated by the artists on the programme.