Hanover Gallery, UCLan, Preston, November 2016.
Group Show

[mass noun]
The action or process of manufacturing or inventing something.
‘the assembly and fabrication of electronic products’
[count noun]
An invention; a lie 
We live in a world that is dominated by fabrication, from the humble paperclip to society itself. We accept this. Our world is man-made, conceived, designed and manufactured. As artists, we seek to understand and convey the contradictions that are embedded in our society. This collective presents the many facets of fabrication that shape us with or without our consent.

Shutter, Video, November 2017.
This piece is heavily influenced by Plato’s allegory of the Cave and the film genre of Film Noir. I have explored tools and themes used in Film Noir, such as, menacing shadows, the addition of the anti-hero detective, making time elastic through manipulation in editing software and using props such as venetian blinds. In this piece, only the shadows of the subject are visible, returning to the ideas reflected in Plato’s Cave. The viewer never sees the subject, only its shadow, the illusion of a truth, the fake reality I’ve created.